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NYC – relax at K-town sauna

K-town sauna review 

Let me start off by saying I am not a huge fan of massages or facials. But I love going to spas because you get to put on the soft robe and slippers, listen to spa music and everyone is friendly and relaxed. There’s a certain ambiance. But how do you get that sort of ambiance without having to have a treatment done… well you can get a little of that at K-town sauna.

But my one recommendation would be to go solo. And there is no need to bring a bathing suit.

It is in midtown, in Korea town to be exact. You enter the building, take an elevator to the 4th floor and check in at the front desk. It is 2 floors. Top floor: check in area, lockers, showers, steam room and 2 heated tubs. Bottom floor: food area and different saunas. The top floor is segregated by sex, bottom floor is mixed. You get a bracelet which is your “key” to get in to your lockers- you get a small locker for your shoes and a bigger locker to put the rest of your belongings. You are given a towel and a “uniform, ie:  generic shirt and shorts” by an attendant. Whom then tells you that you must shower prior to entering any of the areas, including tubs and saunas. Here is where you will wished you went solo unless you want to see your friend naked. You undress.. put a towel on and PRIOR to entering the area with the shower, tubs, and steam room.. you MUST take off your towel. Once inside it is a free for all.. the showers are separated by a small partition.. you will see your neighbor in the next shower and everyone else… You are not allowed to wear a bathing suit in the area. You use all the facilities there nude. So once you have had your shower and are germ-free.. you put on your uniform and head downstairs. There are different heated saunas which are fun and relaxing. Also a few tables and an area to order food. There are no water activities downstairs so you do not need your bathing suit. It wasn’t crowded when I went so it was fun to experience the different saunas and just relax inside. I didn’t try the food but there were a few people eating and it did look good..

Overall its a fun and interesting experience. Worth checking out. But do keep in mind that if you are interested in going in to the tubs or the steam room… nude only.

Afternoon tea in NYC

Tea experience at Lady Mendl’s and The Palm Court 

One of my favorite things is a cup of warm tea. And even better when paired with sweet and savory bites. Afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason in London was one of my favorite memories from London and it started my quest for a place just as good in NYC.

Lady Mendl's

Lady Mendl’s
56 Irving Pl
New York, NY 10003
$40, plus tax and gratuity


Lady Mendl’s: I had high hopes for Lady Mendl’s because of it’s great reviews. The tea salon is situated in a brownstone building just off of Union Square with beautiful décor. I had the “Lady Mendl’s” tea which was delicious. But towards the end of the pot, the tea got cold very quickly. The food was good but nothing to rave about. The sandwiches were average. The scones were warm and scrumptious with clotted cream. I wasn’t a fan of the signature cake, and the cookies tasted store bought. I did however enjoy the chocolate covered strawberry. I wouldn’t go back for the food, but I would for the tea and the overall atmosphere. The service was friendly and attentive and I never felt rushed. So overall, I had a nice, enjoyable afternoon tea in a beautiful atmosphere.


The Palm Court

The Palm Court at the Plaza Hotel
Fifth Avenue at Central Park South
New York, NY 10019
 $50-$60, plus tax and gratuity


The Palm Court: When you think of afternoon tea in NYC, the luxury hotels seem like the quintessential place, but The Palm Court inside the famed Plaza Hotel was a complete let down. Overall, the place felt very touristy, and the service reflected that. When we sat down, my friend did not have a plate, and even after the food was brought out, it was difficult to find our waiter to bring her a plate. There was no apology either for the inconvenience. The sandwiches were barely edible. They didn’t taste fresh. The scones were warm and good. I did not like the desserts, and only had a small taste of each. I did enjoy the tea. I won’t be returning here, not for the food or the atmosphere.

How to get SNL tickets

How to enter the lottery for SNL tickets and my experienceSNL ticket
Every August, SNL holds an e-mail lottery for tickets to a show, either the dress rehearsal or the live broadcast. You send your contact information but you cannot request a specific date. I applied this past August and was contacted via e-mail that I had won two tickets on September 14 for the September 15 season premiere! My tickets were for the dress rehearsal which is the exact same show plus 30 minutes of extra material. It’s definitely worth entering the lottery, especially if you live in NYC–very fun experience. 

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