vacation starts with the flight

Flying can be fun or a nightmare. Lets make it as fun as possible.
london olympics
London Olympics 2012

I used to think of flying as the scary part you have to get through to begin your vacation. But I’ve come to enjoy it as part of the vacation.

1) Use a purse with a zipper. The airport can get crowded and you don’t want to make it easy for someone to reach into your purse. As you go through security, you don’t want anything falling out onto the bin as it goes through the x-ray. Also, you are required to store your bag underneath the chair in front of you on the plane, and you don’t want something unknowingly falling out.
2) Get a travel wallet. It’s a good idea to keep receipts to check for discrepancies when you get home. I know not all people like to do this, but if you are one of those people, getting a large travel wallet is a must-have. You can easily fit all receipts, credit cards, ID, passport, change, coupons, ticket stubs, etc in your wallet neatly. No need to stuff receipts in your purse or try to find and organize them later on
3) Charge everything to full capacity. Whether that be your iphone, e-reader, camera, laptop, etc. You never know when there might be a flight delay. Even if you have a charger with you, there may not be an outlet for you to charge your device. Boredom will make the delay seem 10X longer.
4) Download new songs. New music is always a delight. Many airlines now have internet access (but most aren’t free) 
5) Always carry a sweater and never wear shorts. It could be 100 degrees outside, but it can get very cold on a plane. You’ll be glad you brought a comfy sweater when the chill hits.

Winning tickets to see SNL!

Fun tidbits from the show  

Every August, SNL holds an e-mail lottery for tickets to a show, either the dress rehearsal or the live broadcast. You send your contact information but you cannot request a specific date. I applied this past August and was contacted via e-mail that I had won two tickets on September 14 for the September 15 season premiere! My tickets were for the dress rehearsal which is the exact same show plus 30 minutes of extra material. It’s definitely worth entering the lottery, especially if you live in NYC–very fun experience. 

SNL ticket

• The overall set is fairly small, giving it a very intimate feel. There were lots of overhead lights,although most of the time the set was dark with only the area of the current skit being lit up. There were probably around 10-15 big flat screens with the show airing as it would on live TV overhead for us to watch.

• During commercials, the cast and crew move very quickly. It is so well organized, there was very little verbal communication, everyone just seemed to know exactly what they had to do. It’s a large crew with people everywhere. Because it’s a fairly small space, sets have to come down and new ones have to go up often. A lot of times the set would remain dark and the crew would use flashlights.

• Pictures are not allowed. There were people standing above the aisles making sure the audience adhered to this rule. Occasionally you would see some people in seats getting approached and reminded of this fact.

• The band was great and would play during the commercial breaks/set changes.

• During one scene, there was fake blood used which got on the set floor…and it took quite a while for it to be cleaned up. There was o guys just using paper towels until someone finally came with a mop.

• During the news scene with Seth Meyers, he made a joke where very few people laughed, he then says “i’m going to have to fight to keep that one in”. One perk of attending the dress rehearsal, you get a little something extra not seen in the final airing.

• There’s no signal for us to laugh. The audience was naturally laughing. The only alert they had for us was the applause. At one point toward the very end, the sign for applause lit up but no one was applauding… I think everyone was too focused on watching the stage and taking in the final moments.