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Selling your luxury goods

Selling your items to websites like Fashionphile and Yoogie’s Closet 

I love vintage, and I love antiques. There is something so alluring about things from a different time period. It’s like an essence of that period is now with you here in the present. I like keeping things from childhood for instance (like an old stuffed animal). Although I know those things are perhaps more for sentimental value. In terms of things like clothes and handbags, I don’t like to keep it if I don’t love it and it is just going to take up space, a “waste” essentially. I’d rather it go to a new home where someone will love and use it. Donating is great, but are you really going to donate a 1,000 handbag?  I’ve never been an ebay person. Even when ebay was all the rage. I don’t want to deal with that seller/buyer interaction. So when I discovered websites that would buy your bag from you with just some pictures and a description-quick and easy, I thought to myself- perfect! I have sold 2 bags to Yoogi’s Closet, and 2 pairs of shoes. I have submitted my bags and shoes for quotes to Fashionphile but the quote from Yoogi’s Closet was always higher in my case.

It’s pretty simple for both websites. You create an account. You submit some pictures, and a short description. Then you get a quote. It took about 3 days for both to get back to me with a quote.

For instance, I just sold a Balenciaga bag.

Yoogi’s Closet quote: $480-$520 (they determine final quote after receiving the bag).

Fashionphile quote: $400.

Obviously I chose Yoogi’s Closet who gave the higher quote. You have the choice to accept or decline the quote once they give you the offer. If you accept, then you print a free shipping label and off it goes. For Yoogi’s Closet, you can choose to have a check mailed to you or have them deposit to a paypal account. I chose to have my checks mailed to me. They arrived within 2 week each time.

I have also sold 1 pair of Chanel flats and 1 pair of Christian Louboutin pumps to Yoogis Closet. Fashionphile also accepts shoes but they must be in “like-new” condition. I wore each of my shoes maybe 3-4 times, so they were in good condition. Yoogi’s Closet gave me $150 for each pair. Which honestly is almost nothing considering the price I paid for them. But they were sitting in my closet, and hadn’t been worn for probably 4 years, so getting $150 for used shoes to me is not a bad deal at all.

So overall to me, it a win-win. I enjoyed my bags and shoes for the time I had it, but I just wasn’t using it anymore. So I was able to make some money, and somewhere someone else could now enjoy and love it. The way I once had.