A good drugstore highlighter

WET n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder in precious petals

Do we want something more when it’s harder to get? When I first heard about the WET n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder in precious petals, I was intrigued because it was getting rave reviews. It was being compared to higher end highlighters with much higher price tags, and for the most part the consensus was that it was just as good.

WET n wild has been around for a long time. And it’s always been a cheap-ish brand.– that is compared to the other drugstore makeup brands. I remember in the 90’s buying a lipstick and the quality was just not there… it was hard and drying on the lips. Fast forward many years, and WET n wild has definitely stepped up… proof being in that it is still a staple in many drugstore makeup aisles.I haven’t owned anything from WET n Wild in a long time. Ever since the days of Sephora, I love higher end makeup. It’s the quality, it’s the options, its the walking into a makeup wonderland and swatching everything- it’s the days of YouTube makeup gurus. I was recently looking up reviews for great highlighters and WET n Wild Precious Petals came up–it was amazing, sold out everywhere, great reviews, etc. So of course I NEEDED it. Three drugstores later, and a moment of makeup-high after finding the last one at my third drugstore… I can say it is beautiful and for 5 bucks, worth every penny.

precious petals

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