Making the most of Lush products

Helpful tips to make the most out of your LUSH products.


  •  Split your bubble bars in half and store them in ziplock bags. Most are big enough to last two full baths!
  •  With the purchase of two massage bars, you get a free tin, or you can purchase one for $3.95. A must have to keep massage bars clean and without melting everywhere.
  •  Fill your sink with a little bit of warm water (only about an inch), place your tin on top of the water with your massage bar inside (It will float on top of the water). This will heat up the tin and melt the bar just enough to apply onto the skin.
  •  I don’t recommend cutting the soaps into pieces. The smaller the piece the harder it is to hold onto in the shower. Instead, rub it on a washcloth or loofa. It creates a wonderful lather like a shower gel and won’t melt away quickly.

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