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Review of the the small Mansur Gavriel tote bag in black vegetable leather
mansur gavriel tote

Every girl needs a good tote, right? I personally love totes. I love the simplicity of a good tote bag. You can “throw” all your essentials in it without worrying about pockets, snaps, fitting it between things, etc. I was using the Longchamp Le Pliage for many years, and I absolutely love that bag. It is lightweight, classy, functional, as well as very affordable. But I wanted something a little more high-end–ie: more expensive, because who doesn’t love fancy, nice things..? I looked at many brands and although I love the style of the Louis Vuitton Neverfull, it is just a bit too ubiquitous for me… I also wanted something a little less “flashy”. My new tote bag was going to be my work bag, and I wanted something nice but understated. So when I saw the Mansur Gavriel tote bag… it seemed pretty much perfect. I ordered my bag in December 2015 after waiting for about a month for the restock.

I ordered the small tote in black vegetable leather. It was listed for $525.00. It came to $582.48 after the shipping and taxes. Pricey for a bag-yes, but very reasonable when compared to many high-end designer bags. In hindsight, I would have ordered the larger tote, as well as either in the calf coated leather, or the tumble leather.

When I was deciding which to order I looked up many reviews, and it affected my decision making. So my goal now is to add to that and share my own experience so it will help someone else. So I am going to discuss 2 main factors worth considering: the leather and the size.

So first lets talk about the leather. My leather has scratched considerably. I knew that this would happen, the company specifically states that it will not stay “pristine and sleek”. And although it doesn’t bother me very much, if I could go back in time, I would have gotten the calf or tumble leather. The bag is very structured, and I feel that the scratches on this particular shape of bag, makes it look off. I think the look of “wear” and scratches might be more suited for a slouchier look in a bag. For example, I love the “wear” that my Balenciaga City bag has accumulated over the years, but not quite so on the Mansur Gavriel tote.

Next is the size. I am 5’1, and average sized. Large bags tend to look overpowering on me, so I tend to always go for smaller/medium sized bags. Although the size of the bag itself is a good fit for my needs, the straps are just too short. I would almost consider it a top handle bag. With a winter coat on, it is almost impossible to wear on the shoulder. It is so tight that it is uncomfortable. So for that reason I wish I would have gotten the larger tote, even if the actual size of the tote was a bit bigger than I would have liked, it would have been worth it to have the longer, more functional shoulder straps.

So do I regret getting the bag? I don’t like to have regrets in life. It is a beautiful bag, and its black and timeless, so no. But do I wish I would have gotten the large tote in calf leather?–I would have to say yes.

Hope this review was helpful. Although it is my personal opinion, I hope that it makes light of some things that you may want to think more about when deciding on your purchase.

mansur gavriel totemansur gavriel tote

Links to buy your small tote, or if you feel so inclined, the large tote.  

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